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Prices shown are for parties of 15 or more and are listed per person.

Orders for less than 15 people will be charged a minimum rate of 15 servings.

Prices shown include food only (tax & gratuity is not included).

There may be separate charges (i.e. Delivery, Service, Tableware, Cutlery etc.)


  • Delivery/Drop Off (in-town)

  • Out of town deliveries (transportation fee may apply)

  • Full Service: Setup/Take-down of buffet style line/chaffing dishes and serving your desired meal for up to 2-hours.

Can't decide which meal to order for your catered event?

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Must be ordered along with a meal option below.

(Contact us for more details, price varies based on party size) 

Ceviche Cups

Steak Tip Burnt Ends

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Caprese Tomato Skewers

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Bites

Candied Pork Burnt Ends

Green Chile & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Mexican Food

Enchilada Dinner $10/pp.

Chicken or Beef enchiladas with red or green chili, served with lettuce, tomato, and onion on the side. Includes rice, and beans.

Prime Mexican Combo $12/pp.   

Pork chili Colorado, beef picadillo, beans, rice, and flour tortillas.

Fajitas! (Steak $15) (Shrimp $13.50) (Chicken $13) or 

(2-meat combo $14.50) /pp.

Choose your meat, sauteed with peppers and onions, served with limes, cheese, sour cream, tortillas, rice, beans, chips and salsa.


Tacos w/ Chips & Salsa $13/pp.

Choose between Cuban pork, ground beef, or chicken tacos. Includes cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream toppings. With tortilla chips, salsa, refried beans, and rice. 


Beef & Bean Smothered Burrito Dinner $10/pp.

Beef & Bean burritos, green chili, cheese, rice, lettuce & tomato.​

Camarones a la Diabla $12/pp.   

Mouthwatering spicy jumbo shrimp in a roasted vegetable and chili sauce with Spanish rice, ranchero beans, guacamole, and flour tortillas. 

Chicken & Roasted Poblano Sauce $12/pp.   

Grilled chicken breasts sliced and simmered in a roasted poblano creamy pepper sauce with Spanish rice or fideo, creamy refried beans, guacamole, and tortillas. 


Baked Chicken Penne w/ Bacon $12.5/pp.   

Baked Penne with creamy Alfredo sauce, Italian cheeses, chicken, fresh bacon bits, and garnished with diced tomato. Served with mixed green salad with dressing, and dinner rolls.

Chicken Marsala $13/pp.   

6 oz. chicken breast cooked with cremini mushrooms and creamy Marsala wine sauce, served over mashed potatoes with French style green beans and dinner rolls.


Lemon Peppered Chicken $12/pp.

Lemon peppered baked boneless chicken thighs served with an asparagus and carrot medley, roasted red potatoes, and dinner rolls.


Oven Roasted Chicken Dinner $13/pp.   

Prime oven roasted chicken with carrots, celery, and onion, mashed potatoes, poultry gravy, buttered corn, and dinner rolls.

Prime Chicken Piccata $13/pp.   

Chicken breasts cooked with a white wine, capers, and lemon sauce. Served with buttered egg noodles, a roasted vegetable blend, mixed green salad with dressing and dinner rolls.

Chicken Cacciatore $12.5/pp.   

Pan seared boneless chicken thighs simmered in a tomato, bell pepper, and onion sauce. Our spin on an Italian classic! Served with rustic mashed potatoes, sautéed squash and zucchini and a dinner roll. 

Marry Me Chicken $12.5/pp.   

This "hip" new recipe is a must try! Thin sliced chicken breasts cooked in sun-dried tomato and cream sauce. This meal is served with buttered egg noodles, a refreshing pickled cucumber and onion salad, fresh lemon vinaigrette spinach salad, and a dinner roll.


Caprise Stuffed Chicken $13.5/pp.   

Chicken breasts stuffed with tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella baked in the oven and topped with a balsamic glaze. Served with creamy mushroom angel hair pasta, roasted ratatouille and dinner rolls.

Prime Specialties


Prime Rib ~$Market Price~   

Prime on a Dime's very own standout prime rib skillfully seasoned, slow-smoked and seared to perfection! Prepared medium-rare. Served with mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, creamy horsey sauce, beef demi-glace, dinner rolls, and side salad.

Beef Wellington $23/pp.   

Beef tenderloin wrapped with prosciutto, cooked with finely minced mushrooms & onions baked in a puff pastry. Served with mashed potatoes, red wine reduction sauce, roasted bacon brussel sprouts, mixed green salad with dressing, and a dinner roll. 

Kings Crown Honey Glazed Salmon $16/pp.   

Special recipe honey glaze over salmon served with creamy alfredo linguine noodles, steamed broccoli, and dinner rolls. Add shrimp scampi $2/pp.

Smoked & Glazed Ham Dinner $13/pp.   

Cherry wood smoked honey glazed ham, creamy mashed potatoes with brown gravy, mixed peas and carrots, and dinner rolls.


Southern Style Gumbo $13.50/pp.   

Gumbo full of shrimp, sausage, and chicken served with rice and corn bread dressing. A hearty favorite!

Beef and Broccoli $12.5/pp.   

Beef and broccoli served with vegetable fried rice and sautéed snap peas.

Prime Lasagna! $12/pp.   

Our signature Lasagna is simply delicious! It is made with a creamy Bechamel sauce with a hearty beef and sausage ragu, Italian cheeses baked to a molten perfection! It comes with a fresh mixed green salad, dressing, and bread sticks.

Prime Beef Cottage Pie $11/pp.   

This delicious comfort food is a blend of ground beef, mixed vegetables, in an Irish ale & onion gravy, covered with creamy mashed potatoes and cheddar and baked 'til golden brown and delicious. This dish is served with snap peas on the side and a dinner roll. 

Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner $13/pp.   

Thick slices of our delicious corned beef served with roasted baby red potatoes, cabbage and carrots braised in ale, and dinner rolls. 

Prime Holiday Dinner $15/pp.   

Traditional Holiday Dinner served all year round! Includes Tender turkey breast, honey glazed ham, mashed potatoes, creamy poultry gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, signature cornbread stuffing, and dinner rolls. -Add green chili for an added Pueblo touch!



Prime Meat Loaf $12.5/pp.

Prime blend of beef with a tomato glaze, served with creamy mashed potatoes, beef demi-glace, fresh garlic flavored green beans, and dinner rolls.


Tender Beef Tips & Mushrooms $13/pp.   

Prime sirloin tips seasoned and braised in a cremini mushroom brown gravy. This meal is served with mashed potatoes, asparagus, and dinner rolls.

Philly Steak Roll $14/pp. (GF)  

Thin sirloin steak Philly style! Stuffed with peppers, onions, and Provolone cheese. Includes garlic parmesan home fries, and steamed broccoli and cheese sauce. 

Prime Salisbury Steak $12/pp.   

Blend of Prime Beef and onion, grilled and slow-simmered in a delicious brown sauce. This meal is served with mashed potatoes, fresh garlic flavored green beans, and dinner rolls.


Hickory Smoked Brisket $15/pp.   

Flavorful hickory smoked brisket with homestyle potato salad, 4-cheese mac n’ cheese, and dinner rolls.


Kosher Style Brisket $15/pp.   

Seasoned brisket with roasted carrots, onion, and celery, roasted red potatoes, mixed green salad with dressing, and dinner rolls.

Coffee Rubbed Steak Tenderloins $17/pp.  

5 oz. tenderloin steak deliciously seasoned with robust coffee and spices. Served with steak sauce, roasted rosemary potatoes, creamed artichoke & spinach, and a dinner roll.


Sliced Roast Beef $16/pp.   

Prime roast beef, sliced and served with chimichurri sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh cut garlic flavored green beans and dinner rolls.

Beef Pot Roast $13/pp.   

Homestyle cooked beef pot roast with carrots, onion, potatoes, and celery, buttered egg noodles, and dinner rolls.​

Santa Maria Tri-tip $16/pp.   

Tri-tip steak marinated in a sweet garlic and pepper sauce grilled medium. Served with cilantro chimichurri Mexican fried potatoes, Ranchero beans, Pico de Gallo and tortillas.  

Red Wine Braised Beef $16/pp.   

Beef rib braised in red wine reduction. Served over creamy garlic and chive mashed potatoes. Includes a side of grilled leeks and cabbage. 


Italian Roast Beef $10/pp.   

Chicago classic Italian style beef sandwich. Tender beef simmered with pepperoncini and relish. Served with hoagie buns, Provolone cheese slices, sliced pepperoncini peppers and potato chips. 


Cuban Pork Roast $12/pp.   

Generous portions of braised pork roast...Cuban style! Served with cilantro white rice, avocado slices, red beans, and flour tortillas.

Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops $13/pp.   

Pork chops crusted with a Parmesan cheese blend, in pork gravy, potatoes au gratin, and zucchini squash medley.

Green Chile Pork Roll Tenderloin $13/pp.

Tenderloin rolled with a green chile cheese blend, roasted and sliced medallion style. Includes roasted red potatoes, French green beans and pork gravy.

BBQ Pulled Pork $12/pp.   

Slow roasted BBQ pork shoulder pulled and sauced, served with macaroni & cheese, pickles, buttered corn, and Hawaiian rolls.


Boneless BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs $12/pp.   

Boneless BBQ glazed pork ribs slow cooked, with mashed potatoes and brown gravy, buttered corn, and dinner rolls.

Smoked Baby Back Rib Combo $15/pp.   

Deliciously sweet & smokey baby back ribs with smoked sausage, fresh coleslaw, and ranchero beans.  


Garlic Ginger Glazed Pork $12.50/pp.   

Garlic & ginger glazed pork with steamed white rice and Asian cucumber salad.  

Vegetarian Options

(contact us for more details)


Mushroom Risotto $14/pp.

Vegetable Fried Rice $12/pp.

Prime Ratatouille Bake & Spinach Salad $12/pp.

Vegetable Ragu Pasta $12/pp.

Mushroom Wellington $14/pp.

Mashed Potato Burrito with Cheese, Vegetarian Green Chile, and Rice $12/pp.

Vegetable Stuffed Mushroom with Mixed Green Salad and Dressing $13.50/pp.


Breakfast & Brunch

Prime Classic Breakfast $9/pp.

Scrambled eggs, crispy thick-cut bacon, sausage, hashbrown casserole, green chili, and tortillas. 

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy $9/pp.   

Fluffy fresh biscuits with creamy sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, with your choice of

bacon or ham. 

Strawberry Shortcake French Toast Brunch $12/pp.

Egg battered Texas toast with shortcake crumbles, whipped cream, strawberry topping, powdered sugar and syrup. Includes ham & Swiss cheese frittatas -or- spinach, sun-dried tomato and feta frittatas, potatoes O'Brien, and hearty thick-cut bacon.

Chile Relleno Breakfast $10/pp.

Green chile strips, cheese, and egg casserole with fresh beans, fried potatoes, your choice of bacon or sausage, Pico de Gallo, and tortillas. 

Large Breakfast Burrito Pack (24) $120   

12 Individually wrapped bacon, egg, potatoes, chile, and cheese burritos + 12 Individually wrapped sausage, egg, potatoes, chile, and cheese burritos served with salsa.

Ask about....

  • Fresh Fruit Trays

  • Yogurt Bar

  • Juices & Coffee

  • Pastries

  • Sandwich Trays


In order to reserve

Prime Catering Services,

we require orders and final count of servings 

along with payment in full a minimum of 10 days

prior to your event. 


Orders will be accepted

upon availability. 




We can customize orders (pricing may vary).

If you don't see what you'd like on our menu, let us know and we'll see if we can

accommodate your needs.


Please let us know if your guests have any special dietary restrictions.


Referrals are ALWAYS welcome!

Our speciality

is buffet style!



Pueblo, CO

(719) 271-1299

Vegetable Substitutions

  • Sautéed cabbage

  • Creamed spinach & artichoke

  • Tri-pepper stir fry

  • Roasted Bacon Brussel Sprouts

  • 3 bean casserole

  • tater tot casserole

Vegetable trays are also available,

please ask for details.

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