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Our staff is dedicated to

providing flavorful and

original food for you

and your loved ones.


Each member of our team

believes in delivering high

quality service to our

valued guests.


You're in good hands with

the staff at Prime.

 Anthony G.​  - Owner, Head Chef 

Anthony has worked in the food and restaurant industry for over 15 years. He has
an education background in culinary arts. Anthony thoroughly enjoys creating his own original recipes. He strives to keep food safety and sanitation at the top of his priorities. You should know that he puts love into all that he does. ​Anthony is passionate about providing exceptional food and service to the Pueblo Community.


 Latasha G. -VP, Event Coordinator 

Anthony's wife, Latasha, helps to coordinate events and manages the business and operation side of
Prime on a Dime. She has a background in finance and assists with marketing, and of course...tasting all the recipes!

 Kira G. -Future Chef 

Kira loves helping Dad with all things related to Prime on a Dime!  Kira is the creator of Prime on a Dime Slime and, she wants to  encourage other kids to eat *Prime* Food. Kira is learning Dad's techniques but she likes to add her own twists! She's an excellent food critic who could be running this company someday!


 Carol G. -MVP 

Anthony's mother, Carol, is Prime's Number one helper, cashier, and customer service provider. She helps to keep things operating smoothly behind the scenes and on the front line. She's funny, caring, and sweet. Make sure you meet her!  

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